Monarch Film Producing Co.


The short lived Monarch Film Producing Co. (sometimes called just the Monarch Co.) was located in Chicago from 1916 to 1917. The Monarch offices were housed downtown at the First National Bank Building, while the studio was located at 2332 N. California Ave.

In early 1916, the studio sent out a call for submissions, asking for 1 and 2-reel scenarios with a plot and punch. A few months later, the company announced the release of a comedic 3-reeler starring vaudeville star and comedian Gene Greene. His starring vehicle was called Raising an Army and premiered at the studio itself in August of 1916. Although the studio announced that Greene would begin work on a new film immediately (reportedly entitled Leap Year Proposals or The Tortoise Shell Parlors) there doesn't seem to be any evidence that that film was completed, if ever started. The company had also intended to branch out into dramatic sketches, but there is no evidence that those were ever realized.

Instead, by fall of 1916, Greene was back on the vaudeville circuit, and by the following year, the studio had closed up shop. 

Selected Filmography

Raising an Army

Selected Cast and Crew

Gene Greene

Colin Reid

Captain E.E. Barclay